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Abendrituale als Kind

Evening routines - relaxation for better sleep

Our evening rituals as a child

Marlene: I still remember well how my parents put me to bed at night as a child. I always liked the routine before going to bed. At some point they would say: “Now get into your pyjamas and then we'll go and brush your teeth”. An hourglass later, I snuggled up in bed and my dad or mom read me another story. This sequence of activities was always the same and soothing.

Another memory: sometimes I woke up again after 1-2 hours of sleep and had difficulty falling asleep again. My parents were usually still awake. I would then go into the living room with them and snuggle up with a blanket. I was often given hot milk with honey. Maybe that's what I was after from the start - I liked it a lot and then got tired again quite quickly.

Pia: My evening routine as a child, after reading books on the couch every night, consisted of three songs that were always the same and always had to be sung in the same order when I was in bed. My brother, who slept in the lower bunk bed, also had three songs, only one of which was different. But one thing was clear: each of us needed our three songs. Milk with honey was also part of the nights when I couldn't sleep.

As common as these evening rituals are for children, it is surprising that adults often no longer attach any importance to them. However, certain rituals and routines not only have a calming effect on children, but also on adults and help them to fall asleep.


Sleep rituals - putting yourself to bed

Bedtime stories and relaxation music

What podcasts and audio books are for others, The Balance app has been for me (Marlene) for some time now. I was recommended it myself and have been a big fan ever since. The meditation app offers guided meditations as well as sleep stories and relaxation sounds. These help me to relax at the end of the day and fall asleep more easily.

Evening diet

Snacks on the couch in the evening can sometimes disturb your sleep. That's why we avoid potato chips and sweets in the last hour before bed - just like we were taught as children. Instead, we prefer to enjoy a soothing nightcap.

Good night nightcap

A ritual that Pia recently reminded us of by sharing her recipe for golden milk. It really does have a relaxing effect. Whether it's called golden milk or milk with honey - a warm drink has a particularly calming effect and brings back fond childhood memories. It is fascinating how strong such associations still are today.

Slipping into your pyjamas

We are both big fans of slipping into our pyjamas at the start of our evening rituals. It's a particularly great feeling when the pyjamas are freshly washed (and preferably the bed is freshly made too!). Pure well-being.

Childhood memories of evening rituals

Do you remember the calming evening rituals of your childhood? For us, it was bedtime stories, songs, hot milk with honey and snuggling up in bed. These simple rituals helped us both to fall asleep calmly and securely. Today, we use routines like these to help us switch off and calm down. Give it a try - maybe you'll find that restful night's sleep that you loved so much as a child.

À vontade - make yourself feel at home!

Pia & Marlene