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Our materials

detail cutout of rescued fabrics in different colors


Yep, we also use conventional cotton. Conventionally grown, not organic. There is a simple reason for this: we pursue a sustainability strategy through upcycling. This means that no new fabric is produced for our products and instead we use wonderful fabrics that already exist. Because the most sustainable fabric is one that exists already.

Cotton, one of the most widely used natural fibers in the textile industry, is characterized by its softness, breathability and versatility. It is obtained from the seed hairs of the cotton plant. The plant is one of the thirstiest plants and is therefore characterized by a high water consumption.

We prefer to choose fabrics made from cotton, as this natural fiber is pleasant on the skin and its properties make it ideal for sleepwear.

different raw materials made from cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cotton. Less water is used for cultivation and no synthetic pesticides are used. Only about 1.4% of the cotton grown worldwide is organic cotton.* Organic cotton is characterized by wearing properties such as softness and breathability.

Whenever possible, we choose to rescue leftover fabrics made out of organic cotton instead of cotton. The more sustainable cultivation leads to less negative environmental impact.

Viscose is a regenerated fiber obtained from natural cellulose fibers, usually wood. It combines the best properties of natural and synthetic fibers and impresses with its silky look and soft feel. Viscose is breathable and lightweight, making it the ideal material for nightwear. It feels pleasant on the skin and regulates the temperature so that you feel comfortable all night long. Viscose also absorbs colors intensively, making our nightwear shine in brilliant tones.

We are using fabrics made from a viscose mix for the first time in our 2024 summer collection.

striped pyjama fabric with corozo buttons


Corozo buttons, made from the tagua nut or corozo nut, are a natural and sustainable alternative to widley used plastic buttons. A significant advantage is their biodegradability, which helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

We use stone nut for our buttons and prefer to use the material undyed to avoid the dyeing process.

* Textile Exchange, Organic Cotton Market Report 22, p.17.