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Our responsibility

Having built avonté on a sustainable foundation, we only use industrial leftover fabrics for our products. We are taking a new approach than is usual in the conventional industry. High social standards and sustainability are at the heart of our actions, and respectful cooperation on an equal footing is essential to us.

We are continuing on this path to create a good and responsible place not only for ourselves, but also for the people who work with us. We are convinced that sustainability and social commitment not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also help to create better coexistence. We are fighting to ensure that the fashion industry is not only style-conscious, but also ethically responsible.



Sustainability is a complex topic. Our ecological approach follows the strategy of working in a way that conserves resources. To do this, we only use industrial waste materials instead of producing new materials and save on the resource-intensive production process of fabric production. At the same time, we make a contribution to reducing waste.

suppliers office with big mirror in portugal

fair treatment

We attach great importance to responsible handling in our supply chain. Production in Portugal enables regular face-to-face meetings on site, promotes team collaboration and the building of personal relationships with our partners. Open communication, transparency and mutual understanding are crucial for us to ensure that our products are manufactured to high quality and under fair conditions.

street in portugal with paving stones

learning & questioning

The urgency to create positive change in the textile industry drives us. We push ourselves to be in a constant process of learning and questioning. By listening and having honest exchanges with customers, industry experts and producers, we gain valuable insights. These enable us to react flexibly to challenges and develop innovative solutions.