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About avonté

We are Pia and Marlene and we are friends and colleagues. We met in the fashion industry in 2017 and worked together as a team in the industry for several years. During this time, we took multiple trips to production facilities in Portugal, where we frequently encountered the problem of textile overhangs - warehouses full of industrial waste. We couldn't let go of this issue, so we decided to take action. So in 2023, we founded avonté - a sustainable lifestyle brand that brings waste materials from the textile industry back into the cycle and thus, uses what is already available.

portrait of pia and marlene_founder of avonte


Why we are called avonté

Our brand has a special connection to Portugal, especially the north of the country. The breathtaking nature of this region and the warm-hearted people have been a lasting inspiration for us. It was here, in the north of Portugal, that we were first confronted with the topic of "deadstock", which led to the birth of the idea for avonté. The decision to produce in this region is more than just a necessity for us.

Our brand name avonté is inspired by the Portuguese expression "a vontade". It means something like "make yourself feel at home". This warm invitation reflects the relaxed and cozy attitude to life that is the inspiration for our brand.

avonté stand for more than just clothing. It is a declaration of love for Portugal, a commitment to sustainability and an expression of comfort and style.


Marlene, originally from the south of Germany, has long since established herself as a true Cologne native. Organized, structured and straightforward with a great charisma - that's perhaps the best way to describe Marlene. She has everything in view, owns a fast bike and doesn't really need it because she runs almost as fast. She cooks extremely well and we share a passion for food.


Pia comes from the Ruhr region, loves the Rhineland, is less Excel-savvy, but creative and usually in a good mood. She has a smile for everyone and finds happiness in everyday routines, sport and attention to detail. She loves cooking at least as much as Marlene and won't reveal her recipe for 'the one' chocolate cake.