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Tipps zum Schlaf verbessern mit einem bequemen Pyjama

The path to better sleep

Did you sleep well?

Sleep - an essential part of our lives. But how often do we take time to think about the quality of our sleep? I have to admit: far too rarely. Over the past year in particular, my quality sleep has fallen short and I hardly noticed. Suddenly there were too many thoughts, too much screen time in the evening and in the morning, and nights that were constantly too short. The realization that good sleep is linked to self-care and that I've been neglecting this really hits home. It's almost ironic that as a co-founder of a sleepwear brand, I've neglected the importance of it. That's why I want to pay more attention to my sleep again and focus more on the topic. So welcome to my journey to better sleep!

Why is a good night's sleep important?

We spend a third of our lives asleep - a fact that alone illustrates the relevance of this aspect of our lives. Studies show that good sleep is not just a matter of convenience, but a fundamental pillar of our health and well-being. Nevertheless, the quality of our sleep has deteriorated over time and we are increasingly moving towards an overtired society. Sleep efficiency, the ratio between the time we spend in bed and the time we actually sleep, is decreasing. On average, people around the world sleep less than the recommended 7-9 hours per night.

However, healthy and undisturbed sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health as well as our performance. Important processes such as learning, processing information and regeneration of body and mind take place during sleep. It is therefore important to consciously pay attention to our sleep hygiene and develop strategies to promote restful sleep.

restful sleep Improve your sleep comfortable pyjamas

My personal 5 tips for improving sleep

Regular sleep-wake rhythm

Regularity helps our body to adjust to the waking and sleeping phase. During our waking hours, our internal battery is discharged and the pressure to sleep increases. If the pressure is high enough, we become tired. If our sleep-wake times are irregular, for example from the weekend to the beginning of the week, this means that the sleep pressure is not yet fully built up. This is the moment when we lie in bed and can't fall asleep. A rhythm helps to counteract this. Sounds good in theory. But then there's life and the time with friends in the evening goes on longer because it's just so nice. I try to get up at the same time anyway. Then the night is short and you have to keep going the next day, but you get back into the rhythm more quickly.

The bedroom as a quiet zone

The bedroom is for sleeping. Avoid combining your bed with activities other than sleeping. So no watching TV or working in bed. Also keep your bedroom quiet, dark and relatively cool - this promotes restful sleep. I've recently started using a sleep mask as we can't darken our bedroom completely and I'm really noticing a positive effect already.

Avoid bright light in the evening and at night

Short-wave (blue) light, for example from screens, can inhibit melatonin production and disrupt your sleep. That's why I reduce the brightness in rooms before going to bed and avoid using screens.

Letting go of stress

I try to reduce the pressure of having to get a good night's sleep. Looking at the clock and seeing how much (or little) time I have left to sleep regularly triggers stress in me. The clock then monitors my (re)falling asleep process and only prolongs it even more. That's why I try not to look at my watch at night or before I go to bed. I tell myself: if I don't sleep well tonight, that's okay, I'll sleep even better the next night.

Finding an evening routine in pyjamas

I'm currently trying out what works best for me to end the day. I'm trying to get into a routine because it saves resources, provides structure, calm and security. For me, it works well to slip into my pyjamas in the evening, read something or do some relaxed yin yoga. Another thing I would like to try is to summarize the day in a few lines.
By consciously taking time to get enough sleep, we show our bodies that we respect ourselves. Let's recognize the value of sleep and give it the appreciation it deserves. With this in mind: sleep well and take good care of yourself!

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