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Die Wertschätzung von Kleidung

The true value of clothing

what if we become aware of the true value of our garments? what if we acknowledge the craftmanship of clothes?

Good garments takes time. It requires care, knowledge and a deep understanding of materials and techniques. Instead of giving in to the mass production and fast pace of the fashion industry, you should value the longevity and quality of your clothes. Because clothes are not just there to cover you - they tell stories, reflect your personality and accompany you on your journey through life.

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Clothing is made by humans

Manual labor in the clothing industry

Despite increasing automation, many process steps in the clothing industry are still manual. The processing of fabrics requires a great deal of sensitivity and handling. Here is an overview of the main steps in product development:

1. Design and pattern making: The creative process including technical drawings, pattern making and pattern pieces.
2. Fabric selection and sourcing: The feel of the fabrics is essential.
3. Cutting: In small businesses and for small production quantities, cutting is often done manually; larger businesses use automated cutting machines.
4. Sewing: Simple tasks such as sewing on a pocket or sewing on buttons are highly automated. More complex work is carried out manually by experienced seamstresses using sewing machines.
5. Finishing: Labels, zippers and embellishments are often sewn on manually using sewing machines. Loose threads are cut by hand.
6. Ironing: Garments are ironed by hand at professional ironing stations.
7. Quality control: Trained employees check measurements and workmanship. The garments are then folded to a specific size and packed.

The value of clothing handmade quality garments are made by humans


Our philosophy at avonté

Handmade quality from Portugal

All our products are handmade by our partners in Portugal. This process of true craftsmanship takes more time, but that's what makes our clothes so special. We invest in quality - from high-quality, rescued fabrics to neatly finished French seams all over that make every garment a long-lasting companion. Our designs are thoughtful and timeless, not labeled to season, time or gender.

We are proud to produce our collections in Portugal. This allows us to visit the production facilities regularly, ensure compliance with social standards and work closely with our local partners. In this way, we can guarantee that every item of clothing is produced under fair conditions.

Sustainability and responsibility

avonté stands for sustainability and conscious fashion. We actively work against overproduction and offer durable clothing that reduces environmental impact. By producing fewer but better clothes, we increase the appreciation of handmade products.

handmade quality from portugal humanmade quality fabrics crafted in portugal 


Recognizing the importance of manual work

A conscious approach to clothing

Good things take time - this applies to both the production and handling of clothing. When we appreciate the manual work that goes into making our clothes, we recognize their true value and contribute to a more sustainable fashion world.

What if we all started to recognize the craftsmanship and true value of our clothes? Let's walk this path together and change the fashion world step by step.

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