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Geschichte des Pyjamas

The history of pyjamas

We are avonté and we create pyjamas. Because we believe that pyjamas are the smallest portable thing at home and that you can be yourself in pyjamas. Because pyjamas are the perfect companion.
But where does this item of clothing, which forms the basis of avonté, come from? What is the history of pyjamas?

A look at the development of pyjamas throughout history

The pyjama, once a simple garment from ancient India, has become remarkably relevant throughout history. Its development not only reflects changes in fashion, but also social developments and changes in sleeping habits.

Ancient India: the origins of pyjamas

The history of pyjamas begins in ancient India, where men and women wore loose, airy pants known as "payjamas". These were made of cotton or silk and served as ideal leg protection for the warm nights in tropical regions. Here, pyjamas were particularly useful for a comfortable night's sleep in hot climates.

Europe in the 17th century: Exotic loungewear

With colonization, pyjamas arrived in Europe, where they were initially regarded as exotic items of clothing. Wealthy ladies and gentlemen wore them as loungewear at home, and the pyjama slowly began to gain a certain social relevance. They were not only a sign of luxury, but also an expression of cultural diversity and exchange between the continents.

Cotton Pyjama comfortable Loungewear cozy Pyjama

Industrialization and fashion in the 19th century: The birth of modern pyjamas 

During the 19th century, the pyjama underwent a transformation as manufacturers began to design special pyjamas consisting of two parts: loose trousers and a matching top. This development was closely linked to industrialization and the emergence of new materials. Pyjamas became increasingly affordable and accessible to the general population.


20th century: From pyjamas to a fashion item

In the 20th century, pyjamas became a fashion item. Designers experimented with different styles, patterns and colors, and the pyjama became a symbol of comfort and style. While it continued to serve as nightwear, it also began to find its way into everyday life, especially as loungewear for the home.

Modern times: Pyjamas as loungewear and lifestyle

Nowadays, pyjamas have undergone a further transformation and are no longer limited to the bedroom. Under the term "loungewear", they have found their place in the modern lifestyle. People wear their comfy pyjamas not only for sleeping, but also when relaxing at home, working from home or even as everyday wear. This versatility and relevance make pyjamas a timeless garment that reflects the history and needs of people over time.

The enduring importance of pyjamas

The history of pyjamas is a fascinating journey through fashion, culture and society. From its humble beginnings in ancient India to modern loungewear, the pyjama has undergone a remarkable evolution. Its relevance throughout history reflects not only changes in fashion, but also the importance of comfort, style and lifestyle to people around the world.

With avonté pyjamas, we are not following a fashion trend. Rather, the pyjama is the basis. Its timeless design and high-quality workmanship make it a long-lasting product and we hope that it will accompany you for a long time.